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It is no secret that Central Arkansas offers a wealth of artistic opportunities. The region boasts its own visual arts museum, an exceptional symphony orchestra, and numerous choral groups – but there was something missing.


For many years, there were those who noted with regret the absence of a premier male chorus from the Central Arkansas arts scene. With this void in mind, thirty-five men who shared a passion for great male chorus music came together to sing. At the time, no one could have been sure of the outcome, but it quickly became clear that something special was happening. So, in October of 2002, these thirty-five men decided it was time to name their group, and the River City Men's Chorus was born.

Since then, River City Men's Chorus has seen a few personnel changes, but our goal remains the same: cultural enrichment through the enjoyment of musical excellence. We have performed in a number of different settings, including St. Peter's Basilica at the Vatican City in Italy, concert venues in Berlin, Prague, and Vienna, the Clinton Presidential Center, and our current host venue, St. James United Methodist Church in Little Rock, Arkansas. Bound not only by a love of great music, but also by a camaraderie known to few groups, we are strictly a volunteer organization with few or no professional musicians.



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